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“What the farmer doesn't know he doesn't eat” – and this is where our magic and philosophy begins.
We define our revisited but simple cuisine. We modernize our tradition with new cooking techniques.

We pay particular attention to raw materials, to the products with which we create our dishes. We only choose local, regional or possibly 0 km products (sourced directly in the production area) always following their seasonality.

We know the origin of the products. Furthermore, we follow the logic "from the top to the tail" using for example all the parts of the meat. 

Karin, the owner, knows the traditions and values of our Ladin culture. Every day it renews the traditions started in 1904 by the great-grandfather who began with the gastronomy. With our talented chefs, we create unique dishes that blend traditional South Tyrolean cuisine with the Mediterranean culinary art. Thus forgotten traditional dishes are reborn in innovative dishes with extraordinary new flavors and developed from well-known products. 

In our restaurant "Taibon 1885", incorporated in the Hotel Monte Paraccia, you will discover unique flavours, created from simple products and elaborated in dishes between tradition and innovation.

In our restaurant "Taibon 1885" the farmer finally gets to know how good cheese with pears is.

I nostri cuochi
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